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Unity in diversity

Posted by: AIYEP Participants on Wednesday, February 08, 2017

AIYEP has undeniably been eye opening to the diversity of Indonesian culture.  From seeing enormous Pinisi boats built by hand in in our neighbourhoods in Tanah Beru, to “hidden camera” news reporting while interning at TV stations in Makassar, to learning to tolerate the pain in our knees in order to perfect Saman dance and being in a constant state of confusion and bemusement.  But for me, personally, the most eye opening aspect of AIYEP has been getting to know the Indonesian counterparts.   Read more...

AIYEP and the counterpart system

Posted by: AIYEP Participants on Monday, January 30, 2017

Upon learning about the AIYEP experience, the counterpart system first seemed a bit peculiar. Why should fully grown adults have to do everything with a buddy, including sleeping in the same bed? However, after less than a week in Indonesia, I could already see that having a counterpart that you can rely upon, trust and share experiences with is one of the highlights of AIYEP.  Read more...

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