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Last Week in Fleurieu Peninsula

Posted by: AIYEP Participants on Thursday, December 29, 2016

My host family in rural area was so amazing. I lived with Hilary Gilette’s family. The small family with the big love, the simple family with the elegant lifestyle. Their one and only son, aged 28 years old, just worked in Queensland, that is why only three of us at home. During staying and living with them in two and half weeks, even it was a very short period of time, but it made me understand that love growth everywhere. The unconditional love they had given to me, made me felt like I am home. Every contact between us built a strong connection in our self indeed. Every worked day, they took me to my work placement and picked me up after work as well. It usually involved a very fancy dinner every night. They also took me to the great places on the weekend, such as; boat tours, wildlife park visited, watched Christmas Pageant, walked on the beach, doing some shopping and some sports. I was extremely impressed by their dedication to keeping me comfortable.  Read more...

Show and Tell

Posted by: AIYEP Participants on Saturday, December 10, 2016

Being A Farrier

Posted by: AIYEP Participants on Saturday, December 10, 2016

Becoming a Farmer!

Posted by: AIYEP Participants on Saturday, December 03, 2016

After staying in Adelaide for about a month, all Indonesian delegates for Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) went to Berri for Mid-Visit Break and then Fleurieu Peninsula for Rural Phase. In Fleurieu Peninsula, we got the same activities as we did in Adelaide; having a host family, work placement and cultural performances. I am very excited to start a new journey for rural phase since it will be different with the city phase back then.  Read more...

My Workplacement

Posted by: AIYEP Participants on Saturday, December 03, 2016

During the Rural Phase in South Australia, I have been placed at The Urrimbira Wildlife Park that is located in Fleurieu Peninsula. The park is about 40 acre big and has all types of animals that live all across Australia, such as Kangaroos, Koalas, Emus, Kookaburras, Lauricettes, Casuaries, and many others. It is totally a brand new experience for me to work at a wild life park because not only I am able to interact with the Australia’s animals that I never met before, but also I get to know how such a big park is maintained by them and how they look after the animals.   Read more...

Three Weeks for A Lifetime Memory

Posted by: AIYEP Participants on Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Things to Learn in Adelaide City Phase

Posted by: AIYEP Participants on Wednesday, November 23, 2016

In Adelaide city phase, I worked at the Worth Gallery, an art shop and consultancy owned by Amy Sierp for three weeks. This work experience is very new to me because my background study is English Education, but I am really eager to learn many new things.

Every Thursday, Amy had an art class for primary school children next to her house called “The Barn”, and I was given the chance to teach drawing at The Barn. So, we closed the gallery earlier because it took 30 minutes drive to Stirling, to Amy’s house.

We started the Arts class at 3.30 PM in the garden near the house, and the garden was really beautiful. There was a big tree in the middle of the garden with so many kinds of flowers around. We sat on the grass in a circle. There were eight students who attended the class on that day. At first, I demonstrated on how to make a portrait sketch. I drew one of the students, Charlotte, using charcoal. Then I gave the drawing to her. She was really happy. After that, all the students could draw everything they wanted in the garden. They drew flowers, trees, leafs, and even their family. I helped them to draw the objects by giving tips and trick. After they finished their drawings, we walked around the garden. Apparently, the garden was very wide. There was a very big field, and we saw rabbits playing around on it. They also had a hidden cave in between the trees. It was a really great walk in the afternoon. I’ve never found the house which had a really wide and fancy garden like this. This was one of the most interesting experiences I got in my work placement.

On the other day, my host family and I went to shopping center for their Christmas shopping. We bought toys for Isaac and Noel and for their nieces and nephews. It was a very big shopping in the very big shopping center in Tea Tree Plaza. That day was one of my favourite days with my family, because we were all going out together. While normally we could not because Alison and Scott had the different schedules and they had to take care of their children and so many other activities. So then we took a selfie together with a really big smile.

Then I met their parents, Pa and Pat. They are very lovely. They told me a lot about their travel stories to other states of Australia, Canada, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Pat was a policeman, but when he retired they decided to travel the world together. They are really nice couple. They taught me a lot of things about Australians, how to make dried apricots and salad. On the last day before I left my host family, we did Barbeque together with Pa and Pat. I also did a presentation about Bengkulu and Indonesia. Then I let Alison try my traditional costumes. They said they were really happy to have me in their family and I am also really grateful to have them as my family.

Desi Aprianti - Bengkulu


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