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Celebrities of The Week

Posted by: AIYEP 2014-15 on Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Presenting cultural performance is our weekly activity in Australia Indonesia Youth Programs (AIYEP). The purpose of the cultural performance is sharing the cultural understanding between Australian and Indonesian. We have done around seven cultural performances in many different schools in our first phase in Perth smoothly. Then time goes by, after having a week of mid visit break in Busselton, with just about 4 hours cultural performance practice in a week, we continue to start our weekly activity in Margaret River at 23rd November this year.

We started our first Monday in rural phase by performing cultural performance in three different places in one day. It was our first time doing about 2 hours and 30 minutes performance with different type of audiences. We hoped a good day and a good response from the audience at that time. Well we still hold clover leaf in our hand, the show came out nice, and it ran smoothly with a great response from the audience. Our first and second shows were in Margaret River primary school. The audiences were really enthusiast, the kids greeted us nicely and even some of teachers and parents asked us to take photos together and gave some great compliments, we felt like a celebrity. The third show was in day care, a place for kids in 2-4 years to play and get early education. They were really nice and even give us a hug when we wanted to get back from the show.


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