Alumni Perspectives - Ambassador Program

The AIYEP Alumni Ambassador Program has been initiated this year by AIYEP 2013/14 participant Heath Jamieson with the support of other alumni. Its aims are to:

  • share the experiences of AIYEP alumni;
  • provide effective outreach to encourage young people to consider applying for AIYEP each year, as well as enable prospective applicants to access alumni as a point of reference for program based questions and their experiential insights;
  • help engage the wider AIYEP alumni community in the orientation training of selected participants each year;
  • overall, promote the reputation of AIYEP as a highly valued life changing experience.

The AIYEP Alumni Ambassadors for 2014/15 are listed below. They welcome any non-administrative questions about participation in the exchange program.

Heath Jamieson – Victoria 

"Wow -- AIYEP. So much rice, motorbiking and laughing. So many new friends, amazing experiences and life long memories. It's an experience I would recommend to anyone who wants to stretch themselves and learn about one of our most important neighbours."

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Megan Gibbes – Queensland  

"AIYEP is one of those life experiences never forgotten. From bustling cities to the peace of villages, I loved every moment making great friends, developing my language and design skills as well as immersing myself in the most intimate corners of the culture."

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Katrina Steedman  – New South Wales  

"AIYEP was an incredible experience. It’s a unique opportunity to improve your language skills, live and breathe Indonesian culture whilst developing strong and meaningful links with like-minded young people from Indonesia and Australia!"

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Ellie Dwyer – Western Australia 

"AIYEP provided me with the fantastic opportunity of meeting like-minded, fun-loving people while fully immersing myself in the Indonesian culture and way of life!"

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Hanny Anisatu Suriya – Central Java 

"AIYEP gave me the chance to meet lovely, amazing people to work with and to learn from. To me, it is not just an exchange program but it is a portal leading to extraordinary experiences."

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Muhammad Kurniawan Rachman (Wawan) – Southeast Sulawesi

"AIYEP has brought a great new horizon for me.  Having lovely host families from different beautiful places, meeting incredible friends, tasting delicious cuisine and working with professional and open minded people wrapped this life changing experience."

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Bayu Tri Anugrah – Bengkulu  

"AIYEP has grown me up. I learnt a lot from every person I met and from every single experience. I am so glad to be a part of this program."

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Najmul Fajri Usman (Fajri) – Bangka Belitung 

"AIYEP was a life experience I would not mind to do over and over again. It allowed me to meet and work with a number of inspiring young people Indonesia and Australia had to offer and taught me how to love my country better through a fun, enriching learning activities."

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